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Travel Kit

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1 – Shampoo, 1 oz.

1 – Conditioner, 1 oz.

1 – Body Wash, 1 oz.

1 – Body Lotion, 1 oz.

1 – Soap Bar, 1 oz.

1 – Soap Bar, 0.5oz.


TSA COMPLIANT – Bergman Kelly Travel Kit meets all TSA requirements to carry-on plane or or store in checked in luggage.

A COMPLETE SET – Rest assured that our travel bath and shower kit contains everything you need to relax and clean up after a long day. Included: 1 oz. Shampoo, 1 oz. Conditioner, 1 oz. Body Wash, 1oz. Body Lotion, 1 oz Soap bar, and 0.5 oz Soap bar.

PERFECT FOR BUSINESS TRAVELERS – These one ounce tubes are a must-have for frequent flyers. They’re also great for tossing in a gym bag or overnight case.

GENTLE ON YOUR HAIR & SKIN – BK products do not contain additives and harsh chemicals that can irritate skin. Our products are paraben-free, silicone-free, and cruelty-free.

LIGHT WHITE TEA SCENT to delight your senses, pleasant and fresh. Feel clean and refreshed.

Always be Prepared

The Perfect Match: Shampoo & Conditioner

Combine the rich lather of Bergman Kelly shampoo with the smooth quality of the BK Conditioner for a naturally clean, strong and vibrant feel that leaves hair soft, and free of tangles, without a greasy residue.

Our shampoo & conditioner is perfect for all hair types and is gentle. No harsh chemicals or additives that cause irritation to the skin. No parabens nor silicone is used. Available in a soft-squeeze tube with easy-to-open cap, the environmentally-friendly packaging is made from biodegradable plastic.

Refresh & Renew with Bergman Kelly Soap & Body Wash

Bergman Kelly Soap and Body Wash is paraben free to help keep your body healthy, safe, and sound.

The bars of soap come wrapped in a biodegradable easy to open package. Our packaging is either biodegradable or recyclable making Bergman Kelly Soap and Body Wash a premium eco-friendly choice for business and personal use.

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gentle on the scalp

All of Bergman Kelly products are paraben-free, silicone-free.

bergman kelly
bergman kelly

lightly scented

white tea scented shampoo creates a subtle fragrance that doesn't overpower, and will keep bathers feeling fresh all day

bergman kelly
bergman kelly

works with all hair styles

From wavy to wild and everything in between

bergman kelly

pamper your guests

Whether it’s getting a fresh start to the day, or relaxing after a long day of business or travel, the BK experience will help create that perfect guest experience. Designed with care and commitment, Bergman Kelly is here to make you and your guests expereince memorable.

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easy squeeze

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foil sealed

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