Bringing Sustainability in Business with Eco-conscious Products

November 18, 2022

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is the necessity of hygiene and cleanliness where you stay or wherever you travel. The crisis everyone, as humanity, has suffered in the last three years will remain etched within us for a long time to come.

Staying at home still feels safe, but the complete landscape changes when people have to travel. They are extra careful about every surface that is making contact with them, from their airplane seats to the sheets they have to sleep in their hotel rooms to the toiletry products they are supposed to use during their stay.

At Bergman Kelly, we have crafted a variety of hotel amenities for guests' hygiene and wellness needs. Our entire range of hotel toiletries is designed to kill harmful bacterias that can enter your system to disrupt health or bring one health complexity or the other! Not just this, our products, including our individually wrapped toiletries, are designed to create less pile even after the product is finished.

Second, the pandemic has taught us that manufacturing industries need to be careful about the earth. Excessive chemicals in the products don't just end up being on our skin and hair, but they end up piling on the planet, thus seeding the chemicals and other pollutants in the surroundings and contaminating them. Lately, cosmetic products manufacturers are taking the front seat to stop this abuse of nature by manufacturing chemical-free products.

  • No animal-testing of Cosmetic Products: A Fresh Approach

There is no second thought on the fact that the cosmetic industry has been affecting humans, animals, and the environment. In general, there is a massive uproar about animal testing of cosmetic products in practice. Aware users and brands are coming together to stop this insensitiveness and create an ecosystem where everyone cares about everyone. 

We promote no animal-testing approach to lessen the blow for physical and psychological distress and suffering in animals killed at the end of an experiment.

Let us briefly describe how thoughtfulness and sustainability reflect in products and services.

How does Bergman Kelly differ from the rest?

  • Our products are paraben and chemical-free

Parabens are primarily used as a preservative in cosmetic products, which prevent bacterial or mold growth and protect both the products and consumers. 

However, studies suggest that parabens contain lesser estrogenic activity than naturally-occurring estrogen in the human body.

Parabens are not harmful in the smaller amount typically present in cosmetic products; however, it is also found to result in sensitivities and allergies in some individuals. Repeated exposure of parabens to human skin can potentially cause skin sensitivities and allergies, thus slowly building an immune response to parabens when they again come in contact with the skin. The situation is riskier for individuals with conditions like acne-prone skin, dandruff, psoriasis, and more. When individuals with skin issues use paraben-laden products, it can lead to hormonal disbalance.

Bergman Kelly soaps, shampoos, and conditioners are paraben-free and have no harsh chemicals or additives that may cause skin irritations.

  • Our products come in biodegradable packaging.

Our line of different products comes in biodegradable packaging, which refers to any form of packaging that can naturally disintegrate and decompose. For instance, our Bergman Kelly hotel soaps come individually wrapped in attractive recyclable packaging that sure gets decomposed readily; however, it is as effective to keep the product fresh! These individually wrapped toiletries can be your go-to essentials when you are traveling!

Further, other products like body wash, body lotion, and others come in recyclable packaging, making our world a safer place to live in and offering the earth a space to breathe correctly.

  • Our collection features cruelty-free products!

Our collection features cruelty-free products with the sole aim of standing consciously against animal cruelty and testing, ultimately impacting millions of people, animals, and our planet. More and more cosmetic manufacturing brands, like us, are coming forward with corporate social responsibility to be sensitive towards nature and other living beings. 

Hope this blog helps you to learn about our brand a little more! If you are looking to incorporate environmentally-friendly toiletry and wellness products in your business ecosystem, reach out!

Until we meet next!